Family-Friendly Activities at Cape Cod Lodging

Cape Cod is one of the most fabled summer getaways in the U.S., and it’s certainly an awesome destination for families. You won’t find a better home base for a family vacation here in the Outer Lands than the Lighthouse Inn, where we not only put you within easy reach of some of the Cape’s most popular all-ages attractions but also supply you with plenty to do right here on our oceanfront grounds!

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Boutique Lodging for Yarmouth Seaside Festival

Join us on Cape Cod for Columbus Day Weekend, when you’ll get to enjoy the Cape’s finest oceanfront accommodations at the Lighthouse Inn and the all-ages fun served up at the 41st annual Yarmouth Seaside Festival!

This is a fantastic (and free) weekend-long event welcoming both locals and out-of-town visitors with fun activities, live entertainment, and more, spread across several venues in the Town of Yarmouth just a pebble’s toss from the Lighthouse Inn.

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Lodging Near Cape Cod’s Best Hiking Trails

Don’t let the subdued terrain of Cape Cod fool you: This great peninsula includes some truly fabulous hiking amid gorgeous and varied landscapes. With a room at the Lighthouse Inn on the shores of Nantucket Sound, you’re within easy reach of some fantastic trails.

Here’s a brief survey of only some of the fine hoofing-it opportunities at your fingertips—or perhaps we should say boot-tips—on a getaway at our historic oceanfront inn!

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Family Hotel Near Cape Cod’s Best Beaches

Mention “Cape Cod” to just about anybody, and the vision of a broad, sandy, dune-backed beach is very likely the first thing to come to mind. Here in the high season of summer, our peninsula’s sandy seashores are truly the place to be.

At the Lighthouse Inn, you’re beautifully situated for Cape Cod beach-hopping—not least on account you’ve got a superb strand right here on the property (but we’ll get to that). Let’s take a freewheeling survey of some of the very best beaches on the Cape!

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Family-Friendly Lodging near Cape Cod Whale Watches

Cape Cod happens to be one of the best places in the country to go whale-watching, and you won’t find better accommodations for the activity than the Lighthouse Inn!

To whet your appetite for some summer safaris out on our local North Atlantic waters, here’s a quick overview of what sorts of whales you might spot and a couple of the local companies that lead whale-watching tours out of Cape Cod.

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Best 4th of July Fireworks on Cape Cod

Come celebrate America’s big birthday party here on Cape Cod at the Lighthouse Inn! Besides soaking up the quintessence of coastal New England beauty here at the doorstep of Nantucket Sound, you’ll also be perfectly poised to take in some of the Fourth of July celebrations our island cooks up each year.

Here’s a quick look at some of your options for fireworks and other Independence Day festivities during a height-of-summer Cape Cod escape to the Lighthouse Inn.

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Best Lodging near Cape Cod Harbor Cruises

Staying here at the lovely and historic Lighthouse Inn, you’ve got a Nantucket Sound seascape to feast your eyes upon right at our doorstep. It’s a joy enough gazing at the Atlantic from one of our oceanfront rooms, a table at our Waterfront Restaurant, or from the sands of our private beach. But if you feel like getting out on the water during your Lighthouse Inn stay, needless to say you won’t be lacking for convenient options.

Here are some possibilities for cruises along Cape Cod’s spectacular coastline!

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Family Hotel near Historic Cape Cod Lighthouses

There are so many things to do and see when you come to visit Cape Cod, but one of the outings you won’t want to miss is a visit to all of our Cape Cod lighthouses.

Did you know that Cape Cod is filled with lighthouses? These symbols of safety and security have been exceptionally important to the Cape Cod area throughout history, and through the work of area historians and volunteers, they have been kept alive and often restored. Today, you can visit all of them and enjoy climbing the winding staircases and looking out at the beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean and the coastline.

When you come to visit Cape Cod for the lighthouses, you won’t want to choose a hotel or inn that’s too far away, of course! A true family visit to Cape Cod for the lighthouses means being close to the coastline and being able to visit a few each day without having to travel far.

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Spa & Shopping Getaways on Cape Cod

With an elegant and tranquil home base at the Lighthouse Inn, you’re ideally set up to enjoy a relaxing and a deservedly indulgent luxury getaway on Cape Cod. Sometimes a bit of retail therapy and spa/salon sessions are just what the doctor ordered, and our location here in West Dennis overlooking Nantucket Sound makes both easy to partake of.

Here are some destinations you definitely ought to consider for a shopping, spa, and wellness escape to Cape Cod with the perfect home base at the Lighthouse Inn.

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